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The Hubl app - our story

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

A not-so-long time ago… In a not-so-distant land...

With decades of shared experience in the industry, we’ve seen too many businesses use outdated, complicated systems and software for managing their food safety and hospitality operations. That’s how the idea for creating a simple, intuitive due-diligence app came about.

What if there was an easy-to-use way of managing food safety due diligence? What if there was a sustainable, paper-free way to do it? And what if there was a way to reduce costs for businesses and empower their teams at the same time?

And so Hubl was born - in February 2020.

person holding app over table with mugs and blue paper

What is Hubl & what does it do?

Hubl is much more than a food hygiene app. Hubl is a holistic solution that simplifies hospitality operations and helps businesses improve their food hygiene rating. Designed by industry experts, the app is ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, retailers, hotels, and even street food businesses.

Features of the app:

  • Checklists: monthly, weekly or daily - covering key tasks and due diligence checks.

  • Hot-temperature recording: based on best practices outlined by the FSA; for Cook, Hot Hold and Sous Vide techniques.

  • Cold-temperature recording: based on best practices outlined by the FSA; for Fridges, Freezers, Cold Hold and Chill Down.

  • Corrective actions: this feature allows you to capture resolutions in the event of things going wrong or getting missed. You can add notes and upload a photo too.

  • Deliveries: log deliveries and their temperature. Something not right? You can reject it and add comments.

Another great feature of the app is that it has a “Documents” section. This is where we can add your digital food safety management system (HACCP plan) and health and safety management system, taking them off the dusty shelf and making them more accessible and engaging for teams.

Hubl is paperless and therefore more sustainable and eco-friendly than traditional methods of due diligence management. Furthermore, through a partnership with Ecologi, we fund projects that help tackle the climate crisis. You can find out more about our positive impact here.

Benefits of the app:

  • Saves time

  • Reduces cost (of consumables like paper and printing ink)

  • Gives you oversight over your operations and sites

  • It’s eco-friendly

  • Allows for accountability (who did which checks and when?)

  • Empowers teams

  • Makes food safety due diligence easy

Did you know? Hubl saves businesses £500 on average per year.

Now Available: Now that Natasha’s Law has come into effect in (October 2021), we've released an Allergen Module for the management of food allergens on the app.

hubble telescope over the earth

Why we’re called Hubl: the app’s name explained

Ever wondered why we’re called Hubl? Our name was always meant to be uncomplicated - just like our intuitive app and its functionalities. As we brainstormed names over again and again - a stellar idea was born.

The Hubl app -- Just like the Hubble telescope allows for the observation of distant stars and galaxies in the solar system, the Hubl app gives its users great oversight of their food operations and sites.

Lastly, the Hubl app was intended to be a “hub” for food safety - a focal point that makes management and due diligence easier.

  • Simple, uncomplicated

  • A “hub” for all-things food safety

  • A nod to the Hubble telescope


Curious about our food safety due diligence checklist app? Why not book a free 14-day trial?


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