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Improve your food hygiene rating with Hubl.

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Wondering how to improve your food hygiene rating? Overwhelmed with due diligence paperwork? Tired of losing track of your compliance checks? Hubl can help. 


Developed by industry experts, Hubl makes food safety management easier and more engaging for hospitality teams while cutting costs and saving time. 

An intuitive app, Hubl replaces your food safety diary and other paper documents with smart, secure records.


Hubl includes checklists, temperature logs, corrective actions, and more, so you can easily show EHOs what steps you’re taking to keep food safe.

"Hubl smashed it and got us a 5-star rating. The local authorities were very impressed with how it works"

Ian Waller, Head Chef of Restaurant Pine

Whether you run a restaurant or a coffee shop, give your establishment a better shot at attaining a 5-star food hygiene rating with the Hubl app.

All your food safety records in a digital, easy-to-use app

EHO-reviewed checklists to ensure compliance

Log temperatures, deliveries, corrective actions, document storage, waste and inventory management & more

Built-in best practices & guidance to empower staff

Quick problem identification & visibility of priorities

Keep busy teams engaged in food safety management

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It’s time to say goodbye to endless piles of paperwork. And hello to simplicity.

what EHOs look for

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Here’s a summarised list of what EHOs look for during food hygiene inspections:

  • Handling of food

  • How food is stored

  • How food is prepared

  • Cleanliness of facilities

  • How food safety is managed

One of the key things environmental health officers look at during inspections is how you’re managing food safety. This comprises an assessment of your processes, records, training and systems to ensure that you’re upholding good food hygiene standards. 

Many businesses still rely on pen and paper for their food hygiene records, which can be time consuming and labour intensive, and ultimately result in inefficiencies. 


In fact, many restaurant managers, owners or chefs find themselves panically shifting through huge amounts of paper to monitor what’s happening, which may seem unorganised to EHOs. There’s an easy way to change this though. 

Digital record keeping gets you closer to a 5-star rating

Take control of food safety management by making the switch from paper-based records to an electronic solution - like the Hubl app. 


While paperwork makes it difficult to stay on top of things, digital options simplify your due diligence tasks, providing the right checks and information at the right time. 


Digital record keeping ensures greater visibility of issues and priorities, which translates into more knowledgeable management and decision-making.

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 With Hubl, nothing will get missed. When checks are overdue, the app prompts staff to complete them on its intuitive, colour-coded dashboard.


Switching to digital guarantees better visibility, speed and functionality. It also lets you make changes at the tap of a few buttons.

Improve your food hygiene rating-effortlessly


When it comes to improving your food hygiene rating, it’s important to never neglect how hygienically the food is handled and the physical conditions of the business.


This means you should be following the correct cooking, reheating and storage procedures, ensuring the premises are clean and have good ventilation, among other things.


As such, you should always ensure that:

  • Food is properly and safely prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored

  • Your business premises should be clean and have adequate ventilation, layout, lighting, pest control and other facilities

If you’re unsure how to maintain high standards of food hygiene in your restaurant, hotel or coffee shop, you may want to consider enlisting the help of experienced consultants. They can audit your premises and ensure they’re in the best shape possible, so you’re always prepared for an EHO inspection.


As per the Food Standards Agency guidance, the other key element that makes up your score is all about the ways your business manages food safety, assessing your level of confidence in maintaining standards in the future.  


Having a strong food safety management system and effective record-keeping helps build a positive food safety culture and creates a foundation for achieving a 5-star rating. Hubl can help you with both of these elements (and more).

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Discover Hubl: the food safety app for the innovators









Designed by food safety experts, Hubl is a hospitality due diligence app that gives you one less thing to worry about when it comes to running a successful business.

Hubl takes the guesswork out of food safety management, getting you one step closer to improving your rating and attaining a 5* score on the door.


A food business that uses Hubl no longer needs to print and file food safety checks. It’s all done within the app. This saves you both time and money. It also makes it much easier to keep track of everything and monitor what’s happening.

The systems are intuitive, easy to use and save time..”

Alex Kratena, Co-Founder of

Tayēr + Elementary

HACCP-based Food Safety Management System

The Hubl app can securely store interactive Food Safety and Health & Safety Management Systems.


Accessible at all times, these digital documents make it easier to find information when you need exactly when you need it.


According to the Food Standards Agency, you must have food safety management systems in place that are based on the principles of HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

Hubl’s FSMS is based on these principles and is individually customised to the needs of each business, providing a comprehensive, tailored solution for the management of food safety.


With Hubl, you can also get your documents updated quickly. Simply contact our team and we’ll get it sorted for you. This is important as your FSMS should be regularly reviewed and updated to accurately reflect your business’ activities.


Staff training & food safety guidance

The Hubl app incorporates best-practice guidelines based on FSA’s advice to help staff complete tasks like temperature checks for different cooking techniques, fridges, reheating processes and more.


It’s also got a colour-coded dashboard which immediately gives you an idea of what’s been done and if anything has gone wrong. 


Designed for the front user, Hubl makes food safety engaging for teams and doubles as a great training tool.

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Start your journey to a 5-star food hygiene rating today

Get in touch to find out more about how Hubl can help improve your food hygiene rating. You can trial the app for 14 days for free - and request a demo too.


There’s no lengthy set-up or minimum contract, so you’re always free to change your mind.

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