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Food allergen management 
Made easy

with Hubl's allergen feature.

An intuitive solution for easily organising, tracking and managing allergens in your food menu. 


Whether you own a restaurant or bakery - you have a legal duty to help prevent allergic reactions and protect customer health.


Allergen control.

Food businesses have a legal responsibility to manage allergens to ensure that food is safe for customers to eat.

Efficient food allergen management involves:

Good hygiene & preparation practices to avoid cross-contamination

Maintaining accurate allergen information, especially in your menu

You need to know what's in the food you sell. You should record allergen ingredient information and make sure it’s always kept up to date.

With allergies being increasingly more prominent in the media, businesses simply cannot afford to get this wrong.

Hubl Blue Tick.png
Hubl Blue Tick.png

More than a digital menu.

Hubl's Allergen Module gives you increased control over allergens. It allows you to record, track and filter allergen ingredients - and access this information whenever you need it.

What's more, it offers a great paperless alternative to allergen charts.

Product catalogue

Create a customisable digital list of all your menu items. You can associate allergens and eating requirements (vegan or vegetarian) to each specific dish.

Practical filter

Customer with an allergy? No problem. Use the filter functionality to find out which products do NOT contain the allergen as an ingredient. Easy.

Tracking history

New recipe? Every change made to allergenic ingredients used in your dishes is tracked with a time stamp. Go back in time and discover when an allergen was added or removed.

Track all 14

There are 14 key allergens according to the Food Standards Agency - and you can track them all on Hubl’s module.


From crustaceans (like lobsters and prawns) to peanuts and celery - our system is built based on allergen best practice as outlined by the FSA.


and eating requirements.

Vegan or vegetarian customers?


The app allows you to filter by eating requirement/preference, helping you tailor your food offerings to each individual.


Peace of mind - for you

and your customers


The Allergen Module offers an easy, intuitive way of recording allergen ingredient information and keeping your brand reputation protected.

Plus, it’s paperless.

Now that Natasha's Law has come into effect, it’s imperative to manage allergens with confidence and transparency. 

As part of your allergen control plan, you must ensure procedures are in place to enable accurate allergy information to be provided to customers upon request.




Risk control


2 million people

That’s approximately how many people are living with a diagnosed food allergy in the UK according to the Food Standards Agency.

 Keep your customers and 

 your business protected 



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about the module

Allergies are an important food safety concern, whether you run a restaurant, pub or retailer. Designed by industry experts, Hubl’s new module makes food allergen management easier,  more intuitive and paperless. 

Boasting intuitive functionalities such as a product catalogue, multiple filters and ingredient-change tracking, the module allows for better allergen control within your operations. This translates into increased confidence for customers as well as businesses. It also translates into increased information accuracy and consistency. 
This new module helps prevent allergic reactions by providing the right ingredient information exactly when you need it. Furthermore, it helps keep your business reputation protected, effectively minimising risk.
Another great benefit of this module is that it helps train your staff by giving them a better understanding of your allergen menu and of allergens in general.

natasha's law

 Now that Natasha's Law has come into effect, it’s vital to have an allergen management plan in place. Don’t forget to consider hygiene practices and allergen-recording documentation. For more detailed information, make sure to check out the Food Standards Agency’s guidelines and recommendations.

Whether you own a coffee shop, bakery or hotel - you are required by law to give consumers allergen information for both pre-packed and non-pre-packed foods and drinks. You are also required to handle and manage allergens effectively when preparing food.

Besides potentially causing customers to fall seriously ill, failing to comply with allergen information requirements can result in reputational and financial damage to your business as well as action from local authorities. 

Did you know that approximately 2.6 million people in the UK are living with a food allergy? 
Your allergen control program shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be an integral part of your processes. It’s critical that your staff are aware of the composition of the dishes you sell so that you can cater specifically to those people that suffer from allergies or intolerances.

do you use an allergen matrix?

Do you use an allergen matrix? Hubl’s intuitive module is a digital alternative to your traditional, paper-based food allergen chart. Easy to use, the module allows your team to quickly see which menu items contain allergens and advise your customers accordingly. Having all the information in one place makes it easier to accurately advise customers about all the delicious dishes you sell. 

Being paperless, Hubl’s module reduces business costs as you won’t need expensive consumables such as paper or printing ink - trade piles of paperwork from allergen charts for an easy-to-use, smart app. 


How it works: you replicate your menu in the app by adding products and their details. For each individual product, you should select all the allergens that are present in it as ingredients, or where the likelihood of cross-contamination is high. You can also categorise the product as being vegetarian or vegan (eating requirements). Once you’ve created your allergen menu, you can filter its items by allergen or eating requirement - simply open the filter and select the options which you want to exclude. This will allow you to see which dishes do NOT contain the filtered ingredients, presenting customers with a tailored list of menu items.

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