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a food safety diary

When it comes to managing food safety, paper-based solutions are often the first option that comes to mind.

But gone are the days where you needed to rely on dusty documents.









Hubl is a paperless alternative to the Safe Food Better Business Diary.

It’s a smart, digital food safety diary that gets you one step closer

to achieving a 5-star hygiene rating.

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EHO-reviewed standard checklists for key tasks

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Built-in best practice & guidance for temperature logging

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Resolution capturing - show what you did when things went wrong

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Delivery quality evaluation & problem identification


ready to switch to digital?
ready to switch to Hubl?


loved by hospitality teams.

Whether you own a restaurant, bakery, pub or coffee shop, Hubl can help.

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EHO inspection on the horizon?

Show environmental health officers how you manage and record what is being done to maintain food hygiene and safety - it’s as easy as tapping a few buttons.

  • Digital, easily accessible records

  • Helps you comply with FSA regulations

  • Protects your business' reputation

“Hubl smashed it and got us a 5-star hygiene rating. The local food safety authorities were very impressed with how it works.”

 Ian Waller, Head Chef of Restaurant Pine


Hubl is an all-round solution for food safety management.

Hubl was designed by food hygiene experts with decades of experience in the industry. It provides all-round compliance support and makes life easier for hospitality teams.

 Food safety due diligence 
doesn’t  have to be complicated. 

no paperwork. no technical jargon. no complexities.

“It’s very quick and simple - our staff understood the app within minutes of using it.”

Ross Keeling, Executive Chef at The Cheese Bar

A digital due diligence diary, Hubl lets you focus on running your business. 

hubl digital food hygiene diary dashboard on ipad

Stop worrying about paperwork. Save precious time with Hubl and concentrate on growing your operations instead.

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a food safety diary that is an iPad app.

notebook and paper to illustrate due diligence diary

Hubl is an iPadOS app developed specifically for the front user, enabling a seamless digital experience. It features an intuitive dashboard and is easy to navigate.


Say goodbye to complicated or outdated systems - and hello to simplicity.

Launched in 2020, Hubl already has over 75 users, including many well-known restaurants.

rated 5/5 on the App Store.


Hubl is environmentally friendly.

Hubl replaces the SFBB diary, eliminating the need for paper and its associated costs.


An eco-friendly option, the Hubl app saves you at least £650+ (on average) per site per year compared to traditional forms of record keeping.

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“Hubl being completely paperless is brilliant, it makes things much easier.”
- Anthony Hood, CEO of Farm Girl

Hubl can store your food safety management system.

If you’re looking for a digital, interactive solution for your Food Safety or Health & Safety management systems, we can help too. 


Show EHOs how you control safety hazards in your food business - with Hubl.

Our due diligence app features a

Documents section where your FSMS and HSMS can be securely stored and accessed. That’s even less paperwork  gathering dust on your shelves. 

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a game-changing food hygiene diary
for restaurants, pubs, bakeries, coffee shops & more

Whether you own a single-site operation or are just about to open your sixth venue, our smart digital diary gives you great oversight and visibility for all your locations. 


We’re here to accompany and support your journey of growth - and make it that bit easier.


Some of our clients include The Cheese Bar, Happy Maki, and Tayēr + Elementary, just to name a few.

“Having multiple sites, Hubl has been super beneficial in helping us keep on top of things.”

Anthony Hood, CEO of Farm Girl

let's recap: 
the key benefits

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Reviewed by environmental health officers

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Better for the environment

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Saves time - provides the right checks at the right time

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Reduces cost - it's all digital so there are no printing expenses

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Visibility of issues and priorities

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All-round solution for the management of food safety

and the list doesn't end here.


Managing food safety is often a complicated endeavour for businesses. That’s why we’ve created Hubl. It’s intuitive. And it’s got checks, temperature logs, deliveries and corrective actions all in one place.


Hubl is a great digital alternative to the FSA diary. But don’t just take our word for it. Book a free 14-day trial or a demo and find out for yourself:

What are you looking for? Choose all that apply:

The Hubl app works on a monthly subscription basis. Contact us to find out more.

Hubl doesn't work for your business? You can cancel it any time.


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improving your food hygiene rating

A higher food hygiene rating translates into better business. A 5-star rating inspires confidence from consumers and signals your business as being trustworthy when it comes to food safety. 

Record keeping is a key area that EHOs look at, so it’s important not to neglect it. Any gaps or issues with your documentation (like your food safety diary) bring your food hygiene policies and procedures into question. 

Hubl keeps all your recorded checks in one place, so they’re easy to access and are kept up to date. This helps you demonstrate food safety due diligence to health environment officers as well as confidence in management.

food safety experts

Hubl was designed by food safety specialists from Complete Food Safety Compliance, a consultancy company based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.


We understand how important compliance is - but it shouldn’t detract you from your business goals. That’s why we always aim to create genuinely simple food safety solutions that add value - like the Hubl app.


Whether you’re just about to open your first café, or you’re expanding your food-retailing business - our food hygiene diary can help.

allergen management module

We’re always looking for ways to improve our food safety diary. That’s why we’ve developed the Allergen Module.


With Natasha’s Law coming into effect in October 2021, and an ever-growing media presence of allergic reactions, businesses cannot afford to get allergen management wrong.


Hubl’s Allergen Module gives you more control over allergen ingredients that are used in your menu items. 


Premium feature available now on the Hubl app.