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Food temperature logs
Go digital with Hubl.

Run a compliant restaurant - effortlessly

Swap your paper temperature sheets for digital, smart food temperature logs. With built-in best practice as outlined by the Food Standards Agency.


Cold temperatures

fridges, freezers, cold hold and chill down


Hot temperatures

cooking, sous vide and hot hold

Record all your hot and cold food temperatures with ease.

From hot holding to cooling, Hubl lets you log all your checks.


Measuring temperatures and keeping records is a legal responsibility.

Logging food temperatures allows you to demonstrate that you’re controlling hazards efficiently.


Temperatures are a key component of your food

safety records, which EHOs look at during inspections.

Food temperature control is critical as it helps ensure the food you’re selling is safe to eat.


It’s your responsibility to ensure that any food you prepare and sell is properly cooled, chilled, reheated and cooked to minimise the growth of harmful bacteria.


What are the benefits?

Hubl Blue Tick.png

Corrective actions - track what you did when things went wrong

Hubl Blue Tick.png

Digital, paperless records that make your life easier

Hubl Blue Tick.png

Built-in best practice to minimise risk and reduce errors

Hubl Blue Tick.png

Hot and cold food temperature logs to cover all your needs

Hubl Blue Tick.png

Calendar functionality - show EHOs all your checks with just a few taps

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Customisable freezer & fridge details - tailored to your business

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Accountability - know who did each check and when

Hubl is a food safety app designed to simplify your day-to-day hospitality operations.

Created by industry experts, Hubl gives you one less thing to worry about when it comes to running a successful restaurant, pub, retailer, bakery, cafe or hotel.

Keep your customers and your business protected with Hubl.

Fridges & freezers

The Hubl app lets you log your daily temperature checks as well as providing valuable guidance, empowering teams with the knowledge they need to produce safe food. 



daily checks


Temperature guidance


Initials for accountability


Customisable details


We know that not every business is the same.


That’s why you can add multiple fridges and freezers in the Hubl app, and add specific details to each one.

According to the Food Standards Agency, you should record fridge and freezer temperatures at least once a day.


Top tips

Fridges and refrigeration equipment should not exceed a temperature of 5°C in order to ensure food products do not exceed 8°C. 

Freezers should not exceed a temperature of -18°C in order to ensure food products do not exceed -15°C.

Hot temperatures

 A suitable hot temperature and sufficient time are key to ensuring the destruction of pathogenic bacteria. Inadequate cooking and reheating procedures can cause serious hazards.

The Hubl app lets you record hot temperatures for cooking, sous vide and hot holding so you can ensure the food you’re preparing is safe to eat.



thorough cooking to ensure harmful bacteria are killed


Sous vide


long-time cooking


Hot holding

keeping food hot until it’s served  (>63°C)


list your menu items

user-friendly interface

Expert temperature guidance

Best-practice temperature guides are provided on the Hubl app with an intuitive colour-coded system. 

in the green?

well done, you are using an adequate temperature


in the red?

you need to change the temperature

Cold temperatures

Record cooling and cold hold temperatures with ease on the Hubl app. Temperature advice based on FSA's guidance is provided for each food temperature log.


Cold hold

Keeping food cold until it’s served (<8°C). Remember to check your display unit or fridge to ensure that food is kept at a suitable temperature.


Chill down

When food reaches 63°C you must then use your preferred chilling method to reach a temperature of less than 8°C within a maximum of 90 minutes.

intuitive navigation

smart checks

with expert guidance


safe digital records

Accountability for food safety checks

Every time you log a temperature check, you must enter your initials. This allows for easy accountability.

Plus, thanks to the app’s calendar function, you can go back in time and see exactly who performed each check and when.

Missed temperature checks will never go unnoticed.


Temperature issues? Time for corrective actions.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s okay. 


Simply input your corrective actions on the Hubl app so EHOs can see what steps you’ve taken to resolve the problem.

Loved by hospitality teams.

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“Our customers' safety and ensuring food safety have always been our priorities and that's where Hubl has truly made a difference. With Hubl's temperature recording and monitoring features, our daily operations have become more efficient and reliable, simplifying our temperature recording process. It's quick and straightforward, and has given us confidence that our products are consistently stored at the right temperatures.”

Charles Devlin, Operations Director, Huffkins


Food delivery temperatures

The Hubl app lets you record delivery temperatures too, which is an important aspect of food safety due diligence. 

When recording temperatures, Hubl provides feedback and will tell you whether it’s safe or not to accept the delivery.


Interactive training tool

The Hubl app offers temperature guidance and provides you the right checks at the right time.

An engaging alternative to paper-based food temperature logs, Hubl is a great learning tool that empowers teams with the knowledge they need to better manage food safety.

HACCP temperatures

Having a Food Safety Management System based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a legal requirement. HACCP involves identifying potential hazards, establishing critical control points, critical limits and corrective actions. 

The principles of HACCP should be applied to temperature monitoring. You must be able to demonstrate that you have implemented and are following the HACCP principles through temperature-monitoring records - which you can do easily with Hubl. 


Remember it’s important to calibrate your temperature equipment regularly (e.g. food thermometers and food temperature probes). 

Oval Orange.png
Thermometer Icon.png

Paying special attention to high-risk foods is critical as these support the multiplication of harmful bacteria. High-risk foods include most cooked foods and are usually proteins. 

Did you know? Inadequate food cooling can result in harmful bacteria growth, contamination and even the production of toxins. As soon as food is properly cooled, it must be stored below 5°C. 

It’s good practice to check your fridge and freezer temperatures to ensure that everything is working as it should. Performing these refrigeration checks demonstrates food safety due diligence. 

About our smart temperature logs

Hubl is the perfect solution for your food temperature logs. Not only does it allow you to record hot and cold temperatures, it also provides helpful guidance based on FSA best practice. 

Hubl lets you record hot temperatures for cooking, sous vide and hot holding. Remember that you can’t just rely on odour, colour or general appearance to ensure that food is completely cooked - you need to measure its temperature.

The app also lets you record cold temperatures, including cold holding, chill down, freezers and fridges.

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About the Hubl app

Hubl doesn’t “just” let you record temperatures. It lets you record checklists, store documents, manage allergies and much more. 


The perfect food safety compliance solution for restaurants, coffee shops or pubs, Hubl removes the complexity of food safety due diligence.



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