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frequently asked questions

on which and how many devices can I use Hubl?

Hubl is available on iOS and Android mobile, iPad and Android tablets, as well as Apple Macs with a M1 clip. Multiple users can login and use the app at the same time.

has Hubl been reviewed by environmental health officers (EHOs)?

Yes. The Hubl app has been reviewed by EHOs, more specifically the Richmond, Wandsworth and Merton local authorities.

do EHOs accept digital food hygiene checks?

Yes, digital checks are simply presented in another format and are essentially the same thing as printed ones. What’s more, our standard checklists have been reviewed by environmental health officers.

how does the free trial work?

You can trial the Hubl app for free for 14 days. Simply contact us via the website or email ( and we’ll send over the login details and instructions for your trial. There is no automatic subscription, obligation or payment.

can I customise Hubl checklists to fit my operations?

We have a set of standard checklists which have been reviewed by environmental health officers. However, we can fully customise your checklists if you’re on our Grande or Venti plan.

can Hubl help improve my food hygiene rating?

Yes, Hubl can help you manage food safety within your establishments with increased efficiency and confidence. No more panicking or flipping through paperwork when an environmental health officer is inspecting your premises. See how Hubl can help improve your food hygiene score.

can Hubl store my HACCP documents?

Yes. The Hubl app can store both your Food Safety Management System (your HACCP plan) and your Health & Safety Management System. We create FSMS and HSMS documents (tailored to your business) that are digital and interactive, so it’s very easy to find information when you need it. 

do I need any training to use Hubl?

No training is required to use the Hubl app. Designed for the front user, Hubl is very intuitive to use and features colour-coded elements to help you navigate it. What’s more, Hubl includes guidance based on best practices as defined by the Food Standards Agency. If, however, you do require any assistance, we’re happy to help - simply call us on 0845 026 7745 or drop us an email ( and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

we are closing for a couple of days - what should I do?

You can choose on which days your business operates on the Hubl app. Simply go to the Dashboard > Settings. In General Settings, you can then change your operational days. For example, if you are closed on Mondays, you can disable Monday in the app’s settings.

can you also help out with other food hygiene services and audits?

Absolutely. Hubl was created by food hygiene consultants with decades of experience in the industry. As such, we’d be happy to help with anything from your HACCP plan to site audits. Get in touch today:

how do I use the app?

If you’re not sure how to use the app, we’d be happy to help. You can either request a demo, whereby we’ll show you all the features and settings, or you can check out our YouTube page, which has lots of useful videos.

something’s not working on the app - what should I do?

You shouldn’t come across any issues while using the Hubl app. If this happens, please drop us an email ( and we’ll look into fixing it as soon as possible.

does Hubl work offline?

Yes, the Hubl app can be used offline. You’ll only need to connect it to WiFi at the beginning and end of every day to allow the information to be uploaded from the app to the servers. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi when you’re setting up the app too, i.e. using the Setup Wizard. 

is Hubl available worldwide?

Yes, Hubl is available on iOS and Android internationally.

is Hubl's data and therefore my data/records backed up?

Yes, Hubl's data and your records are backed up on EU servers regularly so that no data can be lost.

can't find what you're looking for?

Simply drop us an email (, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Last updated: July 2023.

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