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International sushi day: all you need to know

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The 18th of June marks the International Sushi Day, which aims to increase awareness of the truths and myths surrounding sushi and its origins. It’s a great opportunity to discover and celebrate the much-loved cuisine.

Did you know? The concept of a “sushi day” was first introduced on Facebook in 2009. The idea became popular and quickly took off.

Here at Hubl, we’re big fans of sushi, and couldn’t miss out on a chance to investigate its history, styles, ingredients and popularity. And, of course, we couldn’t miss out on the perfect excuse to order some takeaway (not that we needed one).

colourful sushi plate

Sushi Origins & History

Sushi has been around since the second century A.D, although not in its current form. Surprisingly, sushi was first mentioned in China as a method of preserving food - fish was wrapped in fermented rice to keep it edible for longer. Only the fish was eaten though; the rice was discarded. This type of sushi was known as narezushi.

The original sushi form became popular in China and then in Japan. The latter country took the concept of sushi further, and started eating not just the fish, but the rice too. It then introduced vinegared rice in the early 17th century, opposed to fermented rice. The introduction of vinegar meant that the dish could be eaten straight away.

As time went by, more innovations came about and modern-day sushi was born. It was in the early 19th century that a man called Hanaya Yohei made huge alterations to both the production and presentation of the much-loved dish. Opposed to wrapping fish in rice, Hanaya Yohei placed the fish over seasoned rice, which is what we call nigiri nowadays. At this time, sushi was seen as ‘fast food’.

As sushi was introduced across the world, it evolved and transformed into a more refined dining experience, influenced by different cultures and ideas. Fusion sushi, for instance, was a result of Western influences, combining traditions from multiple cuisines.

Information retrieved from and Eat Japan (accessed June 2021)

Types of Sushi

The preparation and fillings of sushi vary widely. Popular types of sushi include:

  • Sashimi

  • Nigiri

  • Maki

  • Tekkamaki

  • Norimaki

  • Uramaki

Popular fish used in sushi: tuna, salmon, mackerel and snapper.

There is sushi without fish too. In fact, there are many vegetarian sushi options which boast avocado or cucumber, for example. Other ingredients such as fruit and different types of cheese can also be included in sushi.

black circular plate with different types of sushi to illustrate international sushi day

Interesting Facts About Sushi

Did you know that…?

- You’re supposed to eat sushi with your hands (except sashimi)

- Even the freshest raw fish is always frozen first (in Europe and the U.S.)

- There’s a sushi etiquette - don’t waste soy sauce and don’t mix it with wasabi!

- Sushi used to be considered fast food

Information retrieved from Trip Savvy’s Guide and Sushi Guide (accessed June 2021)

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