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Going paperless & our partnership with Ecologi

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In the early stages of Hubl, after countless brainstorming sessions, our key values came down to a few fundamental ideas - reduce costs, save time, increase oversight, and last but not least being as green as possible.

This being said, being eco-friendly in the food safety industry is not an easy task. Health and food safety and endless amounts of paperwork usually go hand in hand.

Hubl in itself is a huge step in the right direction. Eliminating the need for paper diaries, temp checks and other paperwork and putting it all into one digital food hygiene diary. Already Hubl is saving the equivalent of two trees worth of paper a year. However, our bespoke Food Safety and Health Safety Management Systems still required a hefty amount of paper.

We’re proud to say that on our latest upgrade, we have added a couple of new snazzy features (if we do say so ourselves), including one that has enabled Hubl to be completely paperless.

As with every update, we have also fixed a couple of bugs and made further improvements. We have improved offline functionality, making it easier for you and your teams to remain compliant even when you don’t have wifi. A rarity in this day and age, but yes it does happen. We have also increased functionality speed, making the calendar more responsive and faster screen loads.

Finally, our biggest addition (drum roll, please) is the new, completely digital FSMS & HSMS storage section. Bringing your FSMS and HSMS from the dusty folder on the shelf to your teams. Access your FSMS and HSMS Documents in a couple of clicks and get access to the knowledge your teams need much quicker. We’re passionate about making safety simpler and strongly believe that starts with making it more accessible. Being able to view your documents in Hubl and being able to quickly find information when you need it, empowers teams to be more engaged with safety.

Our recent partnership with Ecologi has encouraged us to make as many positive changes as possible, and we are really pleased with these recent ones. For those who don’t know, Ecologi is an organisation that helps people compensate their carbon footprint and fund climate projects. So far we have planted over 300 trees across three reforestation projects in Madagascar, Nicaragua & Mozambique. Each month we plant 60 new trees, plus 25 extra trees for new Hubl sign-ups. We’re proud to be working with Ecologi, and we can’t wait to watch our forest grow.

Photo credit: Ecologi, Eden Reforestation Projects


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