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Flavours of adventure: a consumer food trend

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Taste preferences can be influenced by a number of factors, from global events to social media. Understanding the latest consumer food trends can help your business craft new, effective strategies to promote, improve, or launch products and services.

Travel & Fantasy Food

Recent research released by Kerry predicts that international cuisine will surge as consumers attempt to “travel the world with their taste buds through exotic flavours” as a response to continued covid-19 restrictions. According to the tasting & nutrition company’s 2021 Taste Charts, consumers are seeking food and ingredients from all around the world.

Spanish, Greek and Thai food are expected to become increasingly popular. Demand for Indian and Korean food should also grow. Google Trends shows a higher number of searches in the UK for terms such as “Vietnamise food near me”, “Chinese food near me” and “Japanese cuisine”.

There is a renewed interest in “fantasy food”, too. Chris Whiting, a category manager for Synergy Flavours, says that many businesses are “tapping into this idea of fantasy and theming product launches around anything from fairies and pixies, to mermaids, dinosaurs and dragons”. Think wondrous smoothies with edible glitter, unicorn decorated cupcakes, or even recipes inspired by books, movies and your favourite Netflix series. Your imagination’s the only limit.

A Taste for Escapism

colourful ice cream on yellow background

Interestingly, but not unsurprisingly, these new consumer food trends seem to point towards a desire for “escapism” food. If we can’t travel to sunny Lisbon for a pastel de nata, perhaps we can get one from our local coffee shop. If we can’t visit history-rich Rome, then why not indulge in an authentic pizzeria nearby? Or if we can’t seem to forget our everyday troubles, let’s get some Harry Potter sweets.

Change as the Only Constant

What consumers want keeps changing. Identifying new and emerging consumer food trends empowers you to make more informed decisions, capitalise on demand, and remain relevant.



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