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Case Study: No Catch

Streamline business operations with Hubl

No Catch is a popular food restaurant in Brighton that specialises in serving delicious plant-based fish and chips. The company realised however, that they were missing out on a large market share with their special vegan dishes; festivals and events. But operating a food van in itself presents unique challenges, including limited space and the need to maintain meticulous food safety records. To address these challenges, No Catch Food Van decided to adopt the Hubl App, which they already used at their restaurant and has helped to transform their operations by providing a centralised platform for managing food safety records.

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The Challenge:

Before implementing the Hubl App, No Catch Food Van saw that they faced several challenges related to food safety record-keeping and managing their small workspace efficiently.


This included the fact that traditional paper-based systems for recording food safety measures were time-consuming and prone to human error. This process required valuable staff time to maintain and manage records, which could be better utilised for customer service and food preparation. 


A huge factor is that working in a food van means dealing with limited workspace. Storing and organising physical records posed a significant challenge due to space constraints, potentially leading to misplaced or damaged documents.

Adopting Hubl:

Recognising the need for a more efficient and space-saving solution, No Catch decided to implement the Hubl App. Hubl is a cloud-based platform specifically designed to digitise and streamline food safety record-keeping processes.


Hubl enables No Catch to maintain digital records of their food safety procedures, including temperature monitoring, cleaning schedules, and ingredient traceability. By eliminating manual paperwork, the app has saved them time, reduced errors, and provided real-time access to records from anywhere.

The app has also allowed No Catch to create and customise checklists for its various food safety tasks. They can now easily track tasks completed, with scheduled lists of routine checks, and receive alerts if any critical actions are missed.


No Catch can access, update, and store records securely in one place, eliminating the need for physical storage and reducing the risk of loss or damage. The app's mobile compatibility is particularly advantageous for a food van business. Staff members can simply use their smartphones or tablets to record data and access essential information on the go, even in cramped conditions.

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The implementation of Hubl has been a game-changer for No Catch’s food van, revolutionising their food safety record-keeping and streamlining operations in cramped conditions. By eliminating manual paperwork, enhancing organisation, and providing real-time access to records, the app has enabled No Catch’s Food Van to enhance food safety practices, improve efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements with ease. The success of Hubl's integration with No Catch underscores its potential to transform food van and truck businesses by optimising operations, ensuring compliance, and keeping food safety records secure and accessible.

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