(Food) safety first: why Hubl runs on iPad

A food safety compliance app, Hubl was expertly designed by specialists with decades of experience in the industry. From daily checklists to temperature logs, Hubl replaces your due diligence paperwork, cutting costs and saving time.

Driven to create the best possible experience for busy hospitality teams, it was decided that the Hubl app would (only) run on iPad. Here are the key reasons why we’ve opted for using this reliable Apple device:

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Superior system security

Safety is always our top priority. As such, we wanted to ensure that all your digital food safety records on the Hubl app were kept as secure and protected as possible - at all times.

Apple’s iOS is known for being more secure than other commercial operating systems. Providing multiple layers of protection, Apple solutions are designed to ensure that apps are free of malware and aren’t tampered with.

Furthermore, Apple does not release its code to developers, and users are not allowed to modify it either. This means that hackers will find it more difficult to discover vulnerabilities on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

We know that food hygiene checks are sensitive information that’s not meant to be shared with external parties or inadvertently modified.

With Hubl, you can rest assured that your digital records are kept safe - so there’s one less thing to worry about when it comes to running a successful restaurant, pub or coffee shop.

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No phones in the kitchen, please

Electronic devices can be sources of contamination, harbouring potentially harmful bacteria that could end up in food. This is why it’s so critical to wash your hands every time you use your phone before handling and preparing food.

The reality is that we take our personal phones everywhere we go - on the tube, on a walk, on a trip to the shops. EHOs generally discourage the use of hand-held devices like personal phones in kitchens as a way to prevent food contamination.

Just like light switches or door handles, phones are one of those surfaces that are in constant contact with our hands. However, we rarely see people disinfecting them - which is paramount to ensuring cleanliness in food environments.

Having a dedicated work device - like an iPad - means the risk of contamination is lessened. This is because there’s only one device and a shared responsibility of keeping it clean. The likelihood of the iPad being carried everywhere (as a work-only device) is also smaller.

Powerful, seamless performance

iPads are robust devices that deliver powerful performance every time, even if you’re running multiple apps at the same time. They also boast a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging them all the time.

We know how busy hospitality teams are. With Hubl, you don’t have to worry about slow loading times that keep you from doing your job. You can fulfill all your checks easily and quickly for greater efficiency and productivity.

Better visibility

iPads have a larger screen than smartphones. This translates into better visibility, engagement and readability for all users.

When it comes to food safety, we know how important it is that issues don’t go unnoticed. With Hubl running on iPad, you can be sure nothing gets missed, including critical daily checks and temperature records.

While iPads boast a larger screen, they remain portable and convenient, so they’re easy for busy teams to use on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in how the idea of creating Hubl came about - check out our story here.

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Why iPad: a summary

In summary, Hubl runs on iPad as it ensures a secure, reliable and stress-free experience for the user, keeping malware at bay. For Hubl, the user always comes first, which is why we’ve chosen a device that allows for better performance and has an an easy-to-learn interface.

Even the lowest iPad models provide premium performance over Adroid equivalents, ensuring a superior user experience when using Hubl.

Additionally, food handlers should avoid using smartphones in kitchens to avoid exposing food to bacteria and risk contamination.

Benefits of using the iPad - at a glance:

  • Higher levels of security to keep your records and sensitive information protected

  • Work-dedicated device which helps reduce risk of food contamination

  • Powerful performance to ensure greater efficiency

  • Larger screen for better readability and visibility to minimise errors

Want to know more about our digital food safety app? Get in touch today via email support@cfscompliance.co.uk or via phone 0845 026 7745 - we’d love to hear from you and tell you all about Hubl.


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